The League of Gentle Men

The League of Gentle Men

Once a month I a have dinner with a group of men. One of the members named us the League of Gentle Men and we all liked it. There are no pretenses or egos involved.  We come together to drink wine, talk, and have a good time. The dinners are usually at a restaurant but sometimes at a member’s house. The dinner revolves around the wine. There are no officers or rules, except that each member brings one bottle of wine, eight members equals eight bottles. This rule is always broken.


     We pick a theme — Barolo, for example, and each member will bring a bottle of old Barolo.  However, one member always brings a bottle of Krug to start us off. Another always brings a dessert wine from Austria. Someone else will just bring something because they feel like drinking it.

The Krug

The Krug





            At the last dinner, at a member’s home, the theme was Bordeaux.

 We, of course, started with the Krug, which was not as toasty as it has been in the past but it is still the champagne with the most body and character.

Our host felt that the first course, his specialty, did not go with red wine so he served an Ayala zero dosage, very dry and a great food wine.  The first three red wines were Cos D’ Estournel 1988, 1986 and 1982.  The 1988 was young, with red fruit, a hint of barnyard, bell pepper and spice.  The 1986 needed time to come around but when it did it was it was showing very well. The 1982 was corked and we tried the trick with the Saran Wrap, but were divided on how well it worked.


Ayala Zero Dosage

Ayala Zero Dosage

            Next there were three vintages of Haute Brione 88, 76 and 70, The 88 was tight and needed time.  At first, it had bell pepper, vegetable aromas but they went away and the wine had great fruit and body.  The 1976 and 1970 were not showing their age.  Then the Latour 79, my favorite Bordeaux, did not disappoint.

La Mission Haut Brion 1976 was the wine of the evening in my opinion; it had everything going for it.  Baron de Pichnon – Longueville 1982 was cooked.


The Bordeaux

The Bordeaux

1995 Nouvelle Trockenbeerenaualese # 7- (Austria) Alois Kracher-a great desert wine, was the perfect ending to a great wine dinner..
















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2 responses to “The League of Gentle Men

  1. The flight of Bordeaux alone… is incredible… what an amazing gathering of wines, Charles!

  2. charlesscicolone

    Ciao, Jeremy
    Thanks for the comment.

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