Chianti Classico Revamps the Denomination

Following is a press release from the ChiantiClassico Consortium-they will have a new category of Chianti Classico

An historic day for the Black Rooster: today the assembly of consortium members met in Tavarnelle and by a wide majority approved the measures proposed by the board of directors to revamp the denomination, valorizing the Riserva with new production rules and creating a new category of Chianti Classico at the top of the quality pyramid. After an extraordinary restyling, the Black Rooster will exit the state seal to increase its visibility.

Big news also for sales of bulk wine.

Says president Pallanti: “I end my term with great results. An overhaul aimed at re-launching this prestigious denomination, definitely veered towards great quality”.

In a general assembly with the biggest participation in the past 30 years, Chianti Classico Wine Consortium members this morning approved a set of measures marking an historic turning point for the Black Rooster DOCG.

The changes to production regulations were proposed to the assembly after more than two years’ work by the consortium’s board of directors, with help from outside experts, and discussed with members in a number of preparatory meetings and assemblies in recent months. The changes approved concern various stages in the production chain, from actual winemaking to brand communication, and in detail:

Qualitative pyramid: approval was given to the proposal to create a summit for the Chianti Classico qualitative pyramid, which currently goes on the market in two different types: “vintage” and “reserve”.

This new kind of Chianti Classico, whose name the assembly will define in coming months, will exclusively denote the Chianti Classico wines made from grapes grown solely by the pertinent winery. So there will be no percentage of grapes grown by or wines made by other wineries.

As concerns the maturation period, the regulations foreseen for this type aim at product excellence; in fact, this new category of Chianti Classico can be marketed only 30 months from grape harvesting, three of which spent in the bottle as for the Riserva, whose maturation period remains two years (12 months for the vintage wine).

New “Riserva”: Even the Riserva, which accounts for 30% of the amount produced and 40% of the denomination’s value, was involved in the revamping. While the maturation period remains unchanged, the new fact is that the vintner has to declare wine destination (year’s vintage; Riserva; new category) when applying for certification. Thus, the producer makes a more conscientious decision, in the production stage already deciding which grapes should be destined for the various types.

Black Rooster restyling: the trademark that since 2005 represents the entire denomination and that since then has been present on the state neckband for all producers of Chianti Classico (whether belonging to the consortium or not) will be graphically restyled to make it still more outstanding on every bottle of Chianti Classico. Precisely from this standpoint there will be a new positioning of the trademark: the Black Rooster will no longer be on the governmental seal but on the neck of the bottle.

“I’m pleased to have finished my term as president with this important result”, says Marco Pallanti, the consortium’s outgoing president, “I’ve been working with the board for a long time to find the biggest consensus from members about these changes. Endeavors aimed at having the consumer perceive the higher quality that our wines have achieved in recent years, enabling us to face future challenges with a set of regulations able to make Chianti Classico stronger with regard to growing international competition. Even the assembly’s ruling on bulk wine, which now has to be certified before being marketed, should be interpreted from this standpoint. I thank the board of directors for their help in these difficult years of being president of one of the world’s most important tutelary consortiums. And I thank all consortium members for having upheld and understood the great efforts the board of directors made in this revamping project”.







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  1. Ed McCarthy

    “Valorizing” ? A nice word. I never heard of it. But it sounds good.

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