Do the French really do it Better?

The following article appeared on Oct. 30th  2014 in the Internet Gourmet and I believe
he makes a number of good points
Why the French Do It Better#angeloperetti

The title, “Why the French Do It Better,” Refers to wine. And only to wine.
But, listen: I’ve been accused of being in Italy Francophile a when it comes to bottles of wine. My accusers argue That, from a quality point of view, Italian wines are not far from the French ones. Now That the Italian wines are even better.
They ask me, What is the difference?
I say, There are two differences.
The first Is that, usually you, French wines are blackberries faithful in territorial identity than Italian wines. It’s a fidelity to terroir, where the terroir is a set of human, cultural, and even environmental factors.
The second difference is That France Has a wide “memory” of history, and of Its most important wines. Italy does not have that.
Let me explain with an example.
In the October issue of La Revue de Vin France I read an article about a vertical of Chateau Figeac Saint-Emilion’s from 1959 to 2011. Fifty vintages in a row!
It’s true That, even in France, few producers can do the same.
But it’s not difficult to buy ten or will more vintages from the same producer in Bordeaux. Believe me: I buy and drink a lot of old bottles, and I adore red Bordeaux from the ’50s, the’ 60s and the ’70s.
Now, tell me: how many Italian producers can allow me to do the same? Maybe five?
This is the second difference: France Has a history of wine in the glass. Italy just does not have it. And still few Italian producers have Begun to set aside a good number of bottles of each vintage.
There is a gap to be filled.

OCTOBER 30, 2014
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