BELLA NAPOLI February 2018


Parade for MADONNA DELL’ARCO in Spaccanapoli

Man playing a mandoline

Our friend and Guide in Spaccanapoli, Marina Alaimo

This pastry shop claims to make the original style of sfogliatella pastry.


The best tomatoes, piennolo from Vesuvius

Giant lemons in the market near Via Toledo

Gambrinus sfogliatella

Pasticceria Scaturchio — Vesuvius in pastry

Musica senza parola nella Galleria

A store in Spaccanapoli that specializes in La Pastiera

The turntable at the nunnery where poor families once left their babies.

A little bit of Egypt on Via Nilo

In the San Martino Museum

Piazza Municipio

Pasta and potatoes at Taverna Santa Chiara

Seafood casserole at Ciro a SantaBrigida

Grilled anchovies at Trattoria San Ferdinando

Paccheri with Seafood

Pizza at Le Notizie


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2 responses to “BELLA NAPOLI February 2018

  1. Have mercy, Charles! You’re killing me. Can you airlift me about a quart of pasta and potatoes? Please?


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