Join Us for Lunch in Rome, Next Course – Il Secondo

Join Michele and I for lunch in Rome. The next course is Il Secondo

At Due Ladroni, I saw someone at the next table order these.  They looked and smelled so good, I had to have them too.  Grilled langoustines.

At La Campana, I had grilled mazzancole, big red shrimp.

Also at Due Ladroni, these were mazzancolle with potatoes and artichokes.

At La Torricella, we shared a whole fish roasted with potatoes, tomatoes and olives.

Baccala in Tomato Sauce with pine nuts at Cesare al Casaletto.

Fried seafood at Il San Lorenzo.

Roast pork with potatoes and rosemary at La Tavernaccia

Michele had rabbit braised with white wine and olives at Checchino dal 1887

Roast Lamb with Potatoes at Checchino dal 1887

Chicken alla Romana with Peppers at La Campana

Grilled Liver at Checchino dal 1887
Abbacchio alla Scottadita, Grilled Baby Lamb Chops, at Armando al Pantheon

And that very special bottle of wine!






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5 responses to “Join Us for Lunch in Rome, Next Course – Il Secondo

  1. Scrumptious delectable food hearty full bodied aromatic wine… life is beautiful!

  2. I absolutely love the Grilled Baby Lamb Chops at Armando al Pantheon, usually with a Brunello. Salute

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