Neapolitan Pastry at Kesté

Over 10 years ago Michele had the opportunity to meet Sabatino Sirica and see him demonstrate his pastries. She said that they were some of the best she had ever had.

Michele D’Amelio and Sabatino

Recently Roberto Caporuscio of Keste Pizza and Vino Wall Street invited me to an event called “Made in Italy: Slow Cooking at Keste.”  A demonstration and tasting by  Sabatino Sirico was on the schedule and the translating was going to be done by Michele D’Amelio, an Italian pizzaiolo that works for Caputo Flour in America.  I was happy to attend and finally get a chance to taste the pastries.

It was a two day event and I attended the second day and Sabatino demonstrated how to make Graffe and Babà.  Graffe are Neapolitan style donuts sometimes called ciambelle.   Cavaliere Sabatino Sirica has a Pasticceria, Rosticceria and Gelateria in S. Giorgio a Cremano, Naples. Michele and I will try to visit the shop when we are in Naples next month.  

The Graffe ready for frying

After frying

Ready to Eat


Here are the ingredients.  Note that the flour is Caputo’s Chefs flour”00″

500 grams of 00 flour

500 grams Manitoba flour

25grams sugar

150grams butter

40 grams yeast

2 eggs

250 milliliters milk

200 milliliters water


Grated orange and lemon zest


Next Sabatino prepared the Baba’, a sweet yeast raised pastry soaked in rum or other liqueur flavored syrup.


Sabatino preparing the dough for Baba’


Sabatino putting the dough in the molds


Sabatino showing how light the dough is and easy to stretch


Finishing filling the molds

Frying the pastry

 The finishd Babá

Ready to Serve

For the Baba, Sabatino used 50% Caputo Nuvola Super “0” and Caputo Chef’s flour “00”.  The ingedients were:


1kg of flour

100 grams sugar

40 grams salt

350 grams butter

4  kilograms eggs(not sure about the eggs)


1 Liter water

500 grams sugar

50 grams strong rum


There were other pastries, including sfogliatelle.

Palmier cookies, layer cake and a cut baba’ to show the texture.

Sweet buns.



I have spent a lot of time in Naples and start every day with pastries like these.  Sabatino’s were as good if not better than those I have had before!  I am looking

forward to visiting him.



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