As I wrote about in my last two posts, I attended the Made in Italy 2019 Cooking Show at Keste Wall Street. The third and last demonstration I attended was:

Frienn seed oil by Olitalia: The New Age of Frying with Giorgia Caporuscio from Kesté and Don Antonio.

A few days before this event Michele and I were at a restaurant where they serve many fried foods. When we got home Michele said that she still could smell the oil from the frying on her clothes. I would pay special attention at this event to notice if there was a smell of frying or if the smell was on my clothes when I returned home.

The frying was done with Frienn oil from Olitalia

The New Age of Frying with Giorgia Caporuscio from Kesté and Don Antonio.

Roberto Caporuscio, who owns Keste and Don Antonio Pizzerias spoke about the oil, as did Fred Mortati, the owner of Orlando Foods.

Roberto and Giorgia

Mr. Mortati said the oil was created by Olitalia in collaboration with the Italian chef Pasuqale Torrento owner of Ristorante Al Convento in Cetara on the Amalfi Coast. Cetara is the alici (anchovy) capital of Southern Italy. The innovation of its recipe consists in the absence of palm oil and the presence of antioxidants, partly extracted from the rosemary plant, which gives the product an Italian identity. The dough is dry and crispy, there are no off-flavors, it is resistant to high temperatures and rich in vitamin E. He also pointed out that this was the same oil used in the pastry demonstration in the morning.

Roberto gave 5 tips for perfect frying:

  1. Fry at the right temperature, according to food type
  2. The quantity of oil should be higher than the amount of food to be cooked so the temperature doesn’t drop excessively once the food in immersed.
  3. Drain and dry the food well before frying
  4. Never salt food when frying; add salt only after frying
  5. Always use a suitable sized and shaped frying pan according to the amount and type of food to be cooked.

As Giorgia was frying the dough, Roberto pointed out that the air did not smell of frying and that he did not need any exhaust fans. He likes this oil because it does not impart any flavor to the dough being fried and the finished dough is light in color.

He said the breadcrumbs they were using were gluten free and they make their own burratta

Giorgia shaping the dough

The dough ready for frying and the filling ingredients


The fried dough filled with burrata with prosciutto and garnish

Burrata and Alici topped pizzette  in honor of owner of Ristorante Al Convento in Cetara on the Amalfi Coast.

Fried dough with tomato sauce and basil

When I got home I checked my clothes and was not able to detect any smell of frying oil which I was very happy about.

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