Special Weekend of Food and Wine

For a special weekend, we had a two day celebration. Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed, though not at the same meal.


Mortadella chunks which went very well with cornichon pickles, olives and Tarallli


Pasta with sausage,  tomato  and  cauliflower.


Steak with duck fat roasted potatoes- on the platter

In the dish with fresh, locally grown spinach.


The Wine

Carema Riserva 1983 Cantina Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema made from 100% Nebbiolo from hillside vineyards up to 600 meters. The village of Carema is in a valley north west of Piedmonte and makes the boundary between Piedmont and the Aosta Valley.

The vines are planted on steep stone terraces that reflect the sun and maintain the heat of the day during the night. The vines are trained on pergola-like crossbeams locally named “topie,” onto which the vines are tied down firmly to keep them from being broken by the strong winds. These topie also allow for maximum exposure to the sun, helping to draw out the harvest for as long as possible, thereby taming the grapes’ high acids that would otherwise overwhelm the palate. The wines are 100% Nebbiolo from the local clones nebbiolo spanna, picutener, meaning “tender stem,” and pugnet, meaning “fist-like,” a reference to the compact shape of the bunches.

The wine is aged for a minimum of 3 years of which 18 months is in large oak or chestnut barrels. This is a well structured wine with hints of red fruit , spice, licorice, a hint of dried flowers and notes of cinnamon.

Dessert was almond cake with strawberries and cream, plus a little chocolate.

 The next day we had smoked salmon and Champagne

Champagne Krug Cuvèe 167EME it is a blend of 191 wines from 13 different years, the youngest is from 2011 and the oldes goest back to 1995. The final blend is 47% Pinot Noir 36 % Chardonnay and17% Meunier. It is aged for about 7 years before it is released. The Champagne has hints of dried and citrus fruit a touch of gingerbread, with hints of hazelnuts, and brioche. It is Michele’s favorite Champagne..


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2 responses to “Special Weekend of Food and Wine

  1. What great dishes ! And wine too, of course …

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