Pizza and More at Kesté

 It is always a pleasure to go to Kesté not only to eat pizza made by Roberto Caporuscio, the owner, but to speak to him about pizza and the way his dough has changed over the years.

Roberto said that Keste Wall Street is presently his only location.   He is the sole owner and is there all the time.  Over the years, his pizza recipe has evolved.  He now uses a biga for his dough and  Caputo Nuvola tipo “0” flour with a much longer rising time.


ED441C20-655C-4B16-AF9C-354D602A84BF_1_105_cFried Burrata-At first I thought this was an arancini or rice ball, but Roberto told us it was a large burrata cheese, rolled in a batter and deep fried.  When we cut into the crusty exterior, small balls of mozzarella in cream tumbled out.

01A25111-95B4-436B-8E45-5B686D50F96C_1_105_cArancini – Roberto’s rice balls (top left) are filled with fresh mozzarella and Italian roast pork.

The darker ball on the right was a Frittatina – a traditional Neapolitan spaghetti cake filled with roasted porchetta and imported smoked buffala mozzarella.

On the bottom, was a panzerotti, a pocket of dough filled with cheese and roast pork.


Potato Croquette – Typical Neapolitan street food.  Mashed potatoes, cheese and parsley in a crisp crust.

8B70B98C-2372-43D2-90E3-68760DACAF04_1_105_cMeatballs– Traditional Italian beef meatballs. Roberto said this is mother’s recipe and they were very good with a firm texture and very meaty.

83A92114-A3C8-429A-9229-277D11E70821_1_105_cCantina Federiciane Montelone di Napoli Gragnano DOC Sorrento Peninsula 2019, made from Piedirosso and Sciascinoso. Fermentation with selected yeast takes place in temperature controlled autoclaves.  This is a fizzy red wine that when poured has a lot of foam that quickly disappears in the glass. It is fruity with red fruit aromas and flavors, hints of raspberries and strawberries, and easy to drink. In Naples they often drink sparkling beverages with pizza and Gragnano goes very well with pizza Margherita. Sciascinoso, also know as Olivella, is used as a blending grape. The clusters and berries are large and it is a late ripening variety.


IMG_5444 2Margherita – Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, grana, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

7FDB91FF-E004-469F-B99C-0DFBD7C48F44_1_105_cSummer Pizza– Mozzarella prosciutto, whole tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil

B596ADB6-9CFE-433B-BB2E-D8A63ACCD6D6_1_105_cPizza zucchini  – Topped with walnut cream, zucchini, smoked provolone and extra virgin olive oil  


3D70552A-6465-48AB-BDC1-DD3139173A97_1_105_cTiramisu – the classic, with coffee, sponge cake and chocolate.

56B4C113-4D23-4887-A56F-4E78765623A8_1_105_cCaprese – Moist flourless chocolate cake with ice cream

IMG_5450Nutellafried dough with Nutella and ice cream.

637B67BF-6648-4EDA-A246-BFA9AFDC2342_1_105_cThe “Keste Mobile” now delivers all over

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  1. Joanne Borkoski

    Mouth watering!


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