Sunday Lunch in Florence

While we were in Florence, our friend Carmela Batacchi, the owner of wine store Vino al Vino, suggested that for something different Michele and I try an all fish restaurant called Burro & Acciughe.  Not only did it sound delicious, but it happened to be just around the corner from where we were staying, so we went for Sunday lunch.

IMG_5990Burro & Acciughe

IMG_5994Burro e acciughe del Cantabrico con pane caldo — For our first course we chose the eponymous butter and anchovies, served with toasted dark bread.

The anchovies are caught in the Cantabrian Sea in the north of Spain and are especially prized for their flavor and meatiness.  The contrast of the salty anchovies, cool sweet butter and toasty bread was incomparable .

IMG_6002Next we had more anchovies.  Spaghetti con acciughe, pinoli, briciole di pane nero tostato.  Thick spaghetti, anchovies, pinenuts, and crunchy toasted breadcrumbs.  Another great dish for anchovy lovers.

IMG_6005Our next course was Baccalà in tre cotture (mantecato, fritto, arrosto) — Codfish three ways:  whipped with capers and olive oil, fried in batter and roasted.  It was served with vegetables fried in a tempura-like batter.  Another excellent dish.

This meal called for a crisp white wine.

IMG_5999Falanghina IGP Campania 2020 San Salvatore from 100% Falanghina planted in 2008 with a south-southwest exposure.  Grapes for this wine are carefully selected by hand in the Cannito vineyard. Soft pressing and fermentation is in stainless steel tanks. The wine remains in stainless steel tanks on the less for 6 months before release.  The wine has hints of citrus, mint, sage, lemon and green apples.  Falanghina is often my choice to accompany full flavored fish and worked perfectly with this meal.


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4 responses to “Sunday Lunch in Florence

  1. That all looks delicious!


  2. It looks wonderful. I especially like the choice of Falanghina: the favorite wine of Plinio il Vecchio. Enjoy!


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