New Year’s Day: Cotechino and Lentils

Michele and I look forward to having cotechino and lentils on New Year’s Day.  Imported Italian cotechino sausage is easily available at Italian food stores and on line.  It comes pre-cooked and just needs a quick reheating before serving.


For an appetizer, we had a few slices of smoked duck breast on crostini with French mustard and cornichons.  There was also a bit of excellent Pave’ cheese, a rich and buttery cow’s milk cheese.

IMG_6553Dolcetto D’Alba 1978 Fratelli Oddero made from 100% Dolcetto. I like older Dolcetto and have had more than a few  which were over 40 years old. The Oddero Dolcetto was in excellent condition with a touch of cherry, a hint of leather, and a note of smoke. It was the perfect wine to drink with the smoked duck and the cotechino.


mustardaTo go with the cotechino, we opened a jar of the Mostarda di Cremona, fruits candied in a mustard flavored syrup that we had bought in Rome.  These were made by the A. Fieschi Company and were nicely piccante.  The sweet and hot flavors were just right with the cotechino and lentils.

cotoCotechino with mostarda, lentils and mashed potatoes.  In Italy, lentils are eaten to bring good luck in the New Year.  We made sure to eat plenty!

Our dessert was simple, ripe pears with Pistachio Brutti ma Buoni cookies.

IMG_6560and a good cup of espresso.  

Happy New Year and Good Health from Michele and I!


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6 responses to “New Year’s Day: Cotechino and Lentils

  1. Jonathan Levine

    On of my favorite sausages. When we had it at Felidia I always wanted more. I once wrote how Nero Wolfe and minions would celebrate all holidays. For New Year’s Day, I included this very meal as a symbol of good fortune

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  2. What a delicious looking dinner. Happy New Year to you both! Rome beckons does it not! Looking forward to your posts from a place we miss so much. Waiting for husband’s joint replacement surgery…would rather be waiting for a flight to Roma!

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  3. Happy happy new year Charles and Michele !

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