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Weekend in Savannah

A few years ago Michele and I went to Charleston, South Carolina and had a wonderful time. When we told friends how much we had enjoyed it, they all said the same thing. “If you liked Charleston you will love Savannah.” So we decided to go.

The weather forecast was for occasional  showers and thunderstorms, but with the temperature in the high 70’s low 80’s, off we went.

“Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil” — The Mercer Williams House

Madison Square

It was drizzling the day we arrived but it did not stop us from walking around this city filled with beautiful old houses and wonderful squares. One of the most famous houses is the one featured in the book and movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”  It is now a museum that you can visit.

When we were in Charleston we went to restaurant Husk, which we enjoyed. There is another Husk in Savannah and we just had to go.

Michele had pimento cheese with housemade benne wafers and pickled vegetables.  I had chicken wings.

We ordered the corn bread, which was flavored with bacon.

Michele had shrimp and grits which came with a creamy pimento sauce and a poached egg in the center.

I had catfish  fried  in  a crispy  cornmeal  crust.

Sancerre 2017 “Les Griottes” Domaine Gueneau Made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc fermented it temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. This is an easy to drink wine with hints of hints of  herbs, grass and citrus fruits. It went very well with the food.

Michele made reservations at The Grey for the last night we would be in Savannah and she saw they also had another casual restaurant called Grey Market that would be good for lunch.  The  restaurant  and  its  chef  are  currently  featured  in  a Netflix  show.  

Michele had a spicy lamb wrap on roti bread. 

I had a soft shell crab sandwich and a local  beer on tap

That night we went to   Elizabeth on 37th. This as a more formal restaurant in an old mansion with a lovely garden.

Michele had a salad with  bacon  and   bleu  cheese  dressing.

I had roasted oysters

We both had softshell crabs. Yes, softshell crabs, I really like them.  These  were  very  plump  and served  on  a crispy  vegetable  slaw.

Roussanne 2016 Yves Cuilleron a Chavanay  made  from  100%  Roussanne sourced from vineyards in Chavanay and in Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône, essentially granite-infused soils. A large majority of the vineyards are set on terraces which makes most mechanization difficult, if not impossible. Thus, much of the vineyard work continues to be done by hand. To control yields, Cuilleron does extensive debudding and, when necessary, practices a green harvest.
The fermentations (alcoholic and malolactic) are done in stainless steel with native yeast. Then, the wine is racked into a mix of barrels and stainless steel tanks for a six-month élevage before bottling. This wine is in constant contact with the lees during élevage with regular bâtonnage. The wine is lightly filtered before bottling. 

The next afternoon we stopped at Leopold’s, a famous ice cream shop and cafe.  We had tried to go on Saturday but the line was very long. On Monday afternoon, we walked right in. Michele had a rum raisin and caramel swirl cone and really enjoyed it.  I opted for vanilla chocolate chip.

Next time–Cotton and Rye, Pink and Grey.



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