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Puglia Rosè of Romaldo Greco

Recently, I wrote that I had been contacted by Caterina Baldini, president and co-founder of Associazione Puglia in Rosè, a producers’ association dedicated to Pugliese rose’ wines. Their purpose is to promote the Apulian Rose Wine Brand in the USA and the world.

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Caterina had sent me samples and arranged another Zoom meeting for me with a producer, Azienda Agricola Romaldo Greco.

Representing the winery were Gloria Greco, a family member and one of the owners of her family’s winery, and Alessandra Zappi the export manager, who supplied much of the technical information.

Gloria Greco told me that Azienda Agricola Romaldo Greco was founded in 1973 by Romaldo Greco in Secil, a village in the heart of the Salento peninsular. It is 5 kilometers from Lecce.

She added that it has always been a great place to grow grapes. They have 15 hectares of vines in 4 different locations: Valentin, Murrone, Conte Grande and Renda.

Gloria said quality first, along with passion, tradition and innovation, sums up the Azienda and its wines.

They grow both autochthon and international varieties.

The Cork

Gloria said they use a special cork for their wine, Nomacoro Bioselect corks which are made using sugar cane. They are engineered to ensure that the wine tastes exactly the same from bottle to bottle helping to protect the wine from faults and flaws due to natural corks. Nomacoro’s breathable core allows the natural micro oxygenation of the wine and preserves the wine’s aroma and flavor.

The Cork

The Wine 

Malvasia Nera Salento IGP Rosè “Puro” made from 100% Malvasia Nera. Malvasia Nera is an old varietal with unknown origins. It is widely spread particularly in the southern part of Apulia. It is possible that the “parents” of this variety are Negroamaro and Malvvasia Bianco Lunga.

The vineyard is at 76 meters and the soil is medium textured with a high proportion of clay. There are 4,000/5,000 plants per hectare and the training system is spurred cordon. Harvest takes place at the end of September. The grapes are hand picked and carefully placed in small baskets. Gloria said this is to make sure that even the slightest fermentation does not take place so the grapes arrive as fresh as possible at the winery. There is a soft pressing of the grapes. Skin contact is for about 4 hours. This gives the wine a pale color with orange reflections. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled tanks for 10/12 days. The wine is aged for four months in stainless steel and one month in bottle before release. This is a balanced light fruity wine with hints of fresh fruit, red berries, cherries, red apples floral notes and a slight almond finish.

Gloria recommends drinking this wine as an aperitif or with antipasti, seafood and white meats.

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