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Pasta and Red Wine

Michele was in a taxi, on her way home from Denver where she was at  ‪#‎Craftsy‬ filming ‪#‎slowcooker‬ cooking classes.
The video, featuring 7 lessons and 12 recipes from ‪#‎TheItalianSlowCooker‬,‪ #‎TheFrenchSlowCooker‬ and ‪#‎TheMediterraneanSlowCooker‬ will be available in February or March. Stay tuned!

She told me to put up the water for pasta and and to reheat the sauce that she left.  She said that she wanted red wine.

The Pasta

The Pasta

I picked one of our favorite wines from Campania.

Az. Agr. Monte de Grazia Biological Winery Rosso 2007


The Wine

The wine is made from 90% Tintore di Tramonti from very old ungrafted vines and 10% Piedirosso. The Tintore di Tramonti gowns almost exclusively in the Monte Lattari Valley. The grape is harvested at the end of September, which makes it an early ripener for this area. This indigenous red grape variety belongs to the Tienturier family. Tienturier means dyed or stained in French. The flesh and the juice of these grapes are red in color.  The anthocyanin pigments accumulate in the grape berry itself. The free run juice is therefore red.
This is a complex wine with earthly aromas, red fruit and a slight hint of black pepper, leather and spice with good acidity that makes it a very good food wine. This wine has ageing potential. I had the 2009 with the owner of the winery, Dr. Alfonso Arpino, on the Amalfi coast last year and it may be the best wine he has made so far! $30.


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