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Enjoying Rome

Michele and I have been to Rome four times this year and every time we go we discover something new and interesting as we walk, eat and drink.

Crossing the bridge

I Claudius

The Ghetto 

Pasta all’Amatriciana At Checchino dal 1887- my favorite

Lunch with Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine) at Checchino 1887

Spaghetti ai Moscardini, a favorite of Michele at I Due Ladroni

Carciofi alla Giudia at Da Romolo alla Mole Adriano

The Furore 2016-perfect wine with seafood at  I Due Ladroni

Falanghina always ready to drink and enjoy

Daniele called this a “Great Wine”

A light lunch At L’ Angolo Di Vino

Speaking with the owner Massimo Crippa about Wineand aged Grappa

Great way to end our stay in Rome and leave for the Hello Grappa  tour.















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Notes on Rome

Notes on Rome

One night we were walking in the Piazza Pasquino when I spotted a chalkboard in front of a restaurant with the specials written in colored chalk. I could not believe my eyes–had I had too much Campari? I returned the next day and there it was written in bold letters:  Chicken Pamagana and Spaghetti with Meatballs. I can just imagine American tourist seeing this chalkboard and saying, “at last, real Italian food just like our favorite Italian restaurant back home.”IMG_3091

F.LLI Ciccazzo Via Della Croce

We went here in the mornings for cappuccino and a ciambella and/or a cornetto. Do not sit outside but stand at the bar like the Romans.  It is much more interesting and a caffe and cornetto costs only 2 Euros.

We did not have to leave for the airport until 9:30 so we stopped in Salumeria Focacci di Focacci, Via della Croce 43. And ordered two rosetta rolls filled with prosciutto di Parma to eat on the plane. The cost was only 3.94 Euros — a real bargain.

We like to go Café Ciampini in Pizza S. L. in Lucina, 29.

For cappuccino, gelato or a Campari and soda depending on the time of day. It is always interesting to sit outside in this  busy piazza.


The Margutta

This Caffè is close to the parliament buildings, so politicians go there as well as the local police and the Carabinieri.  The piazza is very charming. Sitting outside on a weekday morning there can be a lot of noise and confusion from delivery trucks.

Timbale of Zucchine

Timbale of Zucchine

  The interior is very nice and it is not only a caffè/bar but also a restaurant with come interesting items. I really like their Margutta salad and had it both times I went there.  In addition to the salad greens, there were fruits, nuts and cheese.   Michele had the Timbale of Zucchine the first time and the Pizza Romana the second time. The pastry is also very good. The original Caffè is in Naples so they have a Neapolitan accent.  Michele just had to order the sfogliatella.  IMG_3083

The hotel Raphael and the Grand Hotel Minerva have roof top gardens where we often stopped for drinks. The drinks are expensive but the views are spectacular.

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