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An Al Fresco Lunch

After almost 90 days, Michele and I  accepted an invitation to join friends for lunch in their garden. They live a few blocks from us. They left the front door open so we walked through the house into the garden. We sat at separate tables more than 6 feet apart. It was wonderful to see them in person and to be eating outside.

We started with finocchiona salami and taralli

Then we had with vinaigrette, chives and egg mimosa

With this we drank

Bodegas Naveran Rosado Cava Brut made from Pinot Noir and Parellada grapes. The grapes are lightly pressed and very little skin contact takes place so the wine remains pale in color. Fermentation is in stainless steel tanks at a very low temperature. Once the base wine was finished fermenting, it is stabilized and filtered in order to continue with the triage and a second fermentation takes place in the bottle with a minimum of 12 months aging. The wine has very tiny bubbles with aromas and flavors of red fruit, a touch of lemon and a hint of ginger. The winery produces organic cavas and wines. This is a vegan wine.

Our host pouring the wine

Next there we had tile fish with olives and capers with steamed potatoes and sugar snaps.

With  the meal  we  had  whole  grain  bread

To accompany the fish, we had Sancerre “ Les Baronnes” Henri Bourgeois made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. The soil is clay and limestone. The wine is fermented in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks at 15 to 18 degrees C. The wine is aged on the lees at a cool temperature for 5 months before release. This is a crisp and fruity wine with citrus aromas and flavors with a touch of herbs, nice minerality, a long finish and pleasant after taste.

Michele made the dessert, Cornmeal Berry Cake with whipped cream from her book, The Italian Vegetable Cookbook.

Calvados  and  espresso  completed  the  meal.

What a pleasure to enjoy a delicious summer lunch al fresco with dear friends.






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