Charles Scicolone has two great passions in life: wine and teaching.  For many years, he has taught how to enjoy wine, how to drink it, and how to enjoy it with food. Charles and his wife, noted cookbook author, Michele Scicolone, have given dozens of talks about wine and about food and wine pairings.

Following a career teaching in the New York City school system, Charles found his metier in wine.  He has done nearly every job associated with wine, including pressing the grapes.   He was nominated six times for the prestigious James Beard Award as the wine director of I Trulli Restaurant.  He has hosted numerous group visits to Italy where he has served as the wine expert.  He has also travelled extensively in France and, though his specialty is Italian wine, he teaches classes on wines from other regions of the world.  The co- author of Pizza: Any Way You Slice It, Charles has written articles on wine that have appeared in Sante, Beverage Media, Wine Enthusiast and Gourmet.  In addition he writes regularly on wine for www.i-italy.org and his own blog www.charlesscicolone.wordpress.com.   He has appeared on radio and television programs, among them: Emeril Live, Ciao Italia, and Cooking Live.

Join Roberto of Keste ,Michele and I for a once in a life time pizza tour of Italy.


Hundreds of students have shared Charles’ love for and knowledge of wine.  His has taught classes for The Astor Center,Vino Italian Wine and Spirits, De Gustibus at Macy’s, Cooking by the Book, Weschester Italian Cultural Center and many other venues in New York and across the country.  He has lectured on wine for The Italian Trade Commission, the Region of Sicily, The Wine Media Guild and The Smithsonian Institute.

Charles is available for classes and wine tastings in your home, or at restaurants or wine shops, and together with Michele, for food and wine paring events.  Contact Charles Scicolone at  crscicolone@gmail.com to dicuss his fees.

One response to “Teaching

  1. Lydia Smith

    Hi, I read about your pizza classes on another website and am very interested in taking one. Do you have a schedule of when you offer classes?
    Thanks very much!


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